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Abushaikha, Ismail, Salhieh, Loay and Towers, Neil (2018) Improving distribution and business performance through lean warehousing. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. ISSN 0959-0552 (In Press)

Acott, Tim G., Johnson, Derek S., Stacey, Natasha and Urquhart, Julie ORCID: 0000-0001-5000-4630 (2018) Reflections on Social Wellbeing and the Values of Small-Scale Fisheries: Implications for Research, Policy and Management. In: Social Wellbeing and the Values of Small-scale Fisheries. MARE Publication Series, 17 . Springer, pp. 317-332. ISBN 9783319607498

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Beyer, Charlotte ORCID: 0000-0002-2701-5443 (2018) What’s Eating Her? Anorexia and Female Identity in Ruth Rendell’s Domestic Noir Novella Heartstones. In: Blood on the Table: Essays on Food in International Crime Fiction. McFarland, Jefferson, pp. 75-86. ISBN 978-1-4766-7175-8

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Boyd, Jean (2018) Architectures of the Instant: glimpsing the utopian in the suspended moment. In: Moving Images, Static Spaces: Architectures, Art, Media, Film, Digital Art and Design, 12 - 13th March 2018, Altinbas University, Istanbul. (Unpublished)

Boyd, Jean (2018) Contemporary Experiences of Time. In: Contemporary Drawing Symposium: Drawing Through Image and Time, 22nd-23rd March 2018, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire. (Unpublished)

Bradshaw, Tom (2018) Self-censorship and the Pursuit of Truth in Sports Journalism – A Case Study of David Walsh. Ethical Space: The International Journal of Communication Ethics, 15 (1/2).

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Chacowry, Anoradha, McEwen, Lindsey and Lynch, Kenneth ORCID: 0000-0002-5296-2864 (2018) Recovery and resilience of communities in flood risk zones in a Small Island Developing State: A case study from a suburban settlement of Port Louis, Mauritius. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 28. pp. 826-838. ISSN 2212-4209

Chang, Zhiyong, Sun, Youhong, Zhang, Yuchen, Gao, Yanli, Weng, Xiaohui, Chen, Donghui, Liewe, David and Xie, Jun (2018) Bionic Optimization Design of Electronic Nose Chamber for Oil and Gas Detection. Journal of Bionic Engineering, 15 (3). pp. 533-544. ISSN 1672-6529

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Cole, Matthew, Peek, Hayden and Cowen, Daniel (2018) UK consumer perceptions of a novel till-receipt ‘traffic-light’ nutrition system. Health Promotion International. ISSN 0957-4824

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Dad, Aasim M, Rehman, Asma Abdul, Kear, Andrew and Davies, Barry J (2018) The Effect of Music on Shoppers’ Shopping Behaviour in Virtual Reality Retail Stores: Mediation Analysis. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 9 (1). pp. 135-145. ISSN 2158-107X

Darwish, Tamer K, Zeng, Jing, Rezaei Zadeh, Mohammad and Haak-Saheem, Washika (2018) Organisational Learning of Absorptive Capacity and Innovation: Does Leadership Matter? European Management Review. ISSN 1740-4754 (In Press)

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Griffiths, Robin M (2018) “You miserable, no good, dirty sons of bitches!”: Queer(y)ing the Politics of Identity in 1970s Canuxploitation Cinema. In: Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) 59th Annual Conference, 14-18 March 2018, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Unpublished)

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Grube, Markus (2018) The impact of SAP on the utilisation of Business Process Management (BPM) maturity models in ERP projects. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

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