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Abdalaziz, Mohamed (2012) Measuring taxable capacity in Libya. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Abdelqader, Muath ORCID: 0000-0003-0698-1367, Nimer, Khalil and Darwish, Tamer K ORCID: 0000-0003-1815-9338 (2021) IFRS compliance in GCC countries: Do corporate governance mechanisms make a difference? International Journal of Disclosure and Governance. doi:10.1057/s41310-021-00123-3

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Abuzaid, Lotfi Elhadi Mohamed (2011) External debt, economic growth and investment in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

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Assenga, Modest, Aly, Doaa A ORCID: 0000-0002-2037-6879 and Hussainey, Khaled (2018) The impact of board characteristics on the financial performance of Tanzanian firms. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 18 (6). pp. 1089-1106. doi:10.1108/CG-09-2016-0174

Aubele, Tobias (2014) Investigation of consumer over‐indebtedness within the German mail‐order industry using the Theory of Planned Behaviour. DBA thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


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Biermeier, Christoph (2019) Believing without contributing? Developing a theoretical model for the system of church financing of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Birk, Michael (2014) Taxation of German-U.S.Cross-Border Mergers. Tax Notes International, 76 (9). pp. 781-786.


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Fakroun, Khaled A (2012) Cost-Benefit Analysis of Egypt’s Free Economic Zones: A Way Forward for Libya. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Finken, Stefan (2012) Private banking consumer perception and the influence of acquisition. DBA thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

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Hocke, Stefan (2012) The long-term growth rate of Real Estate Investment Trusts: The impact of macroeconomic and company specific variables. DBA thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

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Hürlimann, Christian (2018) Valuation Methods in Renewable Energy Investments: An Explanatory Mixed-Methods Study among German and Swiss Investment Professionals. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


Idris, Mohammed I (2012) The Impact of Ownership Structure and External Audit on Accruals and Real Activities Earnings Management in Jordan. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


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Masruki, Rosnia, Hussainey, Khaled and Aly, Doaa A ORCID: 0000-0002-2037-6879 (2020) Factors Influencing Information Disclosure by Malaysian State Islamic Religious Councils: Evidence from Interviews. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 16 (8). pp. 349-359. doi:10.17265/1548-6583/2020.08.002

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Özbilgin, Mustafa Fatih (1998) A cross-cultural comparative analysis of sex equality in the financial services sector in Turkey and Britain. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


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Stumpfegger, Eva (2013) To explore how social identity influences German-Turks' financial investment decisions. DBA thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


van Bracht, Jan (2014) Developing a Framework for Derivative Sales within Strategic Business Units of German Savings Banks. DBA thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


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Zwerenz, Christian (2019) Exploring Corporate Compliance - New Perspectives on how Companies Deal with Regulatory Requirements. DBA thesis, University of Gloucestershire. doi:10.46289/BUSF4856

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