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Ayala, Francisco and Calderón-López, Ana and Delgado-Gosálbez, Juan Carlos and Parra-Sánchez, Sergio and Pomares-Noguera, Carlos and Hernández-Sánchez, Sergio and López-Valenciano, Alejandro and De Ste Croix, Mark B (2017) Acute effects of three neuromuscular warm-up strategies on several physical performance measures in football players. PLoS ONE, 12 (1). e0169660. ISSN 1932-6203


Baker, Colin (2017) Coordination of Community Sport Development in Wales. Project Report. University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham.

Baker, Colin and Courtney, Paul and Kubinakova, Katarina and Ellis, Liz and Loughren, Elizabeth A and Crone, Diane (2017) Gloucestershire Active Together Evaluation Final Report. Project Report. University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham.

Bennett, Rachel (2017) Mean Streets: Migration, Xenophobia and Informality in South Africa. J.Crush, A.Chikanda and C.Skinner (eds.), Southern African Migration Project, the African Centre for Cities and the International Development Research Centre (Cape Town, South Africa), 2015. No. of pages: x + 287, Price: $35.00. ISBN: 9781920596118. Population, Space and Place, 23 (1). ISSN 15448444

Beyer, Charlotte (2017) "I, Too, Mourn The Loss": Mrs Hudson and the Absence of Sherlock Holmes. In: Sherlock Holmes in Context. Crime Files . Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 61-82. ISBN 9781137555946

Beyer, Charlotte and MacLennan, Janet and Smith Silva, Dorsía and Tesser, Marjorie (Eds) (2017) Travellin’ Mama: Mothers, Mothering and Travel. Demeter Press, Bradford. (In Press)

Billingham, Richard (2017) Artists Talk: Richard Billingham. In: Artists Talk: Richard Billingham, 15th March, 2017, Art Exchange, University of Essex.

Brown, Meghan A and Howatson, Glyn and Quin, Edel and Redding, Emma and Stevenson, Emma J (2017) Energy intake and energy expenditure of pre-professional female contemporary dancers. PLoS ONE, 12 (2). e0171998. ISSN 1932-6203


Chambers, Frank M and Crowle, Alistair and Daniell, John R and Mauquoy, Dmitri and McCarroll, Julia and Sanderson, Nicole and Thom, Tim and Toms, Phillip and Webb, Julia C (2017) Ascertaining the nature and timing of mire degradation: using palaeoecology to assist future conservation management in Northern England. AIMS Environmental Science, 4 (1). pp. 54-82.

Checkley, Matthew and Anóñ Higón, D and Alles, C (2017) The Hasty Wisdom of the Mob: How Market Sentiment Predicts Stock Market Behavior. Expert Systems with Applications, 77. pp. 256-263. ISSN 09574174

Clarke, Lucy E and Schillereff, Daniel N and Shuttleworth, Emma (2017) Communicating geomorphology: an empirical evaluation of the discipline’s impact and visibility. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. ISSN 01979337

Clarke, Lucy E and Short, Christopher (2017) Isbourne Catchment Community Report: Potential for Natural Flood Management in the Catchment. Technical Report. University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham.


Dalby, James R (2017) Social Class and television audiences in the 1990s (Chapter 8). In: Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781137555052 (In Press)

Davis, Paul and Ryall, Emily S (2017) Evaluating Violent Conduct in Sport: A Hierarchy of Vice. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy. ISSN 1751-1321

Dawson, David (2017) Measuring Individuals' Virtues in Business. Journal of Business Ethics. ISSN 0167-4544 (In Press)

Derounian, James (2017) A 'Big Green Gap Year' (BiGGY) for school leavers before taking up a university place. HEA Flexible Learning Practice Guide. pp. 16-17.

Derounian, James (2017) Inspirational teaching in higher education: What does it look, sound and feel like? International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 11 (1). ISSN 1931-4744

Derounian, James (2017) People Shaped Localism. Progress.


Eperjesi, Rachel and Forster, Colin (2017) Action Research for New Teachers. Sage, London. (In Press)

Esler, Philip F (2017) Babatha's Orchard: The Yadin Papyri and an Ancient Jewish Family Tale Retold. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198767169 (In Press)


Faulkner, James and Stoner, Lee and Grigg, Rebecca and Fryer, Simon M and Stone, Keeron J and Lambrick, Danielle (2017) Acute effects of exercise posture on executive function in transient ischemic attack patients. Psychophysiology. ISSN 0048-5772 (In Press)

France, Angela (2017) The Hill. Nine Arches Press, Rugby, UK. ISBN 9781911027218 (In Press)

Fryer, Simon M and Giles, D and Garrido, I and de la O Puerta, Alex and España-Romero, Vanesa (2017) Hemodynamic and cardiorespiratory predictors of sport rock climbing performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. ISSN 1064-8011 (In Press)


Garner, Paul and Hill, Denise M (2017) Cultivating a Community of Practice to Enable Coach Development in Alpine Ski Coaches. International Sport Coaching Journal, 4 (1). pp. 63-75. ISSN 2328-918X

Goodenough, Anne E and Carpenter, William and MacTavish, Lynne and MacTavish, Dougal and Theron, Charles and Hart, Adam G (2017) Empirically testing the effectiveness of thermal imaging as a tool for identification of large mammals in the African bushveldt. African Journal of Ecology. ISSN 0141-6707 (In Press)

Goodenough, Anne E and Stallwood, Bethan and Dandy, Shantelle and Nicholson, Thomas and Stubbs, Hannah and Coker, David (2017) Like mother like nest: similarity in microbial communities of adult female Pied Flycatchers and their nests. Journal of Ornithology, 158 (1). pp. 233-244. ISSN 0021-8375

Gorostegi-Anduaga, I and Pérez-Asenjo, J and Aispuru, R and Fryer, Simon M and Alonso-Colmenero, A and Romaratezabala, E and Maldonado-Martin, Sara (2017) Assessment of cardiovascular risk and vascular age in overweight/obese adults with primary hypertension:EXERDIET-HTA Study. Blood Pressure Monitoring. ISSN 1359-5237 (In Press)

Grist, Hannah and Vale-Costa, Liliana (2017) Ageing in a network society: An Introduction. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, 10 (1). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1755-9944

Grivins, Mikelis and Keech, Daniel and Kunda, Ilona and Tisenkopfs, Talis (2017) Bricolage for self-sufficiency: an analysis of alternative food networks. Sociologia Ruralis. ISSN 00380199 (In Press)


Hall, Angela and Towers, Neil (2017) Understanding how Millennial shoppers decide what to buy: digitally connected unseen journeys. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. ISSN 0959-0552 (In Press)

Hobson, Jonathan and Lodge, Alex (2017) Opportunities for Smart Commissioning: An analysis of services dealing with alcohol-related harm in Cheltenham. Project Report. University of Gloucestershire. (Unpublished)

Hobson, Jonathan and Lynch, Kenneth and Dooley, Pauline (2017) Communities and Local Government and Work and Pensions Committees. Oral evidence: Future of Supported Housing, 27th February, 2017. Transcript of evidence session. In: Communities and Local Government and Work and Pensions Committees Oral evidence: Future of Supported Housing, HC 904, 21/02/2017, House of Commons.

Hockey, John C and Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn (2017) Running a temperature: sociological-phenomenological perspectives on distance running, thermoception and ‘temperature work’. In: Seeking the senses in physical cultures: sensual scholarship in action. Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society . Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138100589 (In Press)

Hughes, John D (2017) You Must Not Think Me a Hard-Hearted Rationalist: Hardy’s Fiction and Music. In: The Edinburgh Companion to Literature and Music. Edinburgh University Press. (In Press)


Jones, Peter and Bown, Robin and Hillier, David and Comfort, Daphne (2017) Sustainability, Materiality and Independent External Assurance. In: Sustainability Challenges in the Agrofood Sector. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 227-254. ISBN 978-1119072768

Jones, Peter and Comfort, Daphne and Hillier, David (2017) A Commentary on Pop-Up Shops in the UK. Property Management. (In Press)

Jones, Peter and Comfort, Daphne and Hillier, David (2017) European Food and Drink Wholesalers and Sustainability. European Journal of Sustainability, 1 (1). ISSN 2468-1962

Jones, Peter and Comfort, Daphne and Hillier, David (2017) Fracking for shale in the UK: risks, reputation and regulation. In: Handbook on Geographies of Technology. Research Handbooks in Geography series . Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 302-317. ISBN 9781785361159

Jones, Peter and Hillier, David and Comfort, Daphne (2017) The sustainable development goals and the financial services industry. Athens Journal of Business and Economics, 3 (1). pp. 37-50.


Kirwan, James and Maye, Damian and Brunori, Gianluca (2017) Acknowledging complexity in food supply chains when assessing their performance and sustainability. Journal of Rural Studies, 52. pp. 21-32. ISSN 07430167 (In Press)

Kirwan, James and Maye, Damian and Brunori, Gianluca (2017) Reflexive governance, incorporating ethics and changing understandings of food chain performance. Sociologia Ruralis. ISSN 00380199 (In Press)


Mattioni, Claudia and Martin, Angela and Chiocchini, Francesca and Cherubini, Marcello and Gaudet, Muriel and Pollegioni, Paola and Velichkov, Ivaylo and Jarman, Rob and Chambers, Frank M and Paule, Ladislave and Damian, Vasilica and Crainic, Ghita and Villani, Fiorella (2017) Landscape genetics structure of European sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill):indications for conservation priorities. Tree Genetics and Genomes. ISSN 1614-2942

Maye, Damian (2017) Farmer perceptions of voluntary risk-based trading to control bovine TB: why geography matters. Veterinary Record, 180 (6). pp. 146-147. ISSN 0042-4900

Middleton, Tristan (2017) “When he left it felt like losing an arm”: Constructed meaning through personal narratives in response to professional experiences. In: ESREA network, Life History and Biography Network, 2nd to 5th March 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Unpublished)

Mills, Claire D and Giles, G J (2017) Body Image concerns of Male Rugby Players, with specific focus on Muscularity and Body Fat. Journal of Obesity and Overweight, 3 (1). pp. 103-110. ISSN 2455-7633

Moreton, R B and Stratton, I M and Chave, S J and Lipinski, H and Scanlon, Peter H (2017) Factors determining uptake of diabetic retinopathy screening in Oxfordshire (Epub ahead of print). Diabetic Medicine. ISSN 07423071

Morgan, Haydn and Parker, Andrew (2017) Generating recognition, acceptance and social inclusion in marginalised youth populations: The potential of sports-based interventions. Journal of Youth Studies. ISSN 1367-6261


Naafs, B D and Inglis, G N and Zheng, Y and Amesbury, J and Biester, H and Bindler, R and Blewett, J and Burrows, M A and del Castillo Torres, D and Chambers, Frank M and Cohen, A D and Evershed, R P and Feakins, S J and Gallego-Sala, A and Grandois, L and Gray, D M and Hatcher, P G and Honorio Coronado, E N and Hughes, P D and Huguet, A and Könönen, M and Laggoun-Défarge, F and Lähteenoja, O and Marchant, R and McClymont, E and Pontevedra-Pombal, X and Ponton, C and Pourmand, A and Rizzuti, A M and Rochefort, L and Schellekens, J and De Vleeschouwer, F and Pancost, R D (2017) Introducing global peat-specific temperature pH calibrations based on brGDGT bacterial lipids. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. pp. 1-43. ISSN 0016-7037 (In Press)

Naylor, Rhiannon and Manley, Will and Maye, Damian and Enticott, Gareth and Ilbery, Brian W and Hamilton-Webb, Alice (2017) The Framing of Public Knowledge Controversies in the Media: A Comparative Analysis of the Portrayal of Badger Vaccination in the English National, Regional and Farming Press. Sociologia Ruralis, 57 (1). pp. 3-22. ISSN 00380199


Ozuem, Wilson and Azemi, Yllka (2017) Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands. IGI Global, Hershey. (In Press)

Ozuem, Wilson and Patel, Amisha and Howell, Kerry E and Lancaster, Geoff (2017) An exploration of consumers' response to online service recovery initiatives. International Journal of Market Research, 59 (1). pp. 97-119. ISSN 1470-7853


Ramshaw, Elizabeth (2017) The post-16 Senco handbook: an essential guide to policy and practice. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781317225034

Reed, Matt and Keech, Daniel (2017) Gardening cyberspace - hybrid spaces and social media in the creation of food citizenship in the Bristol city-region, UK. Landscape Research. ISSN 0142-6397 (In Press)

Romao, Tico J (2017) The Mark of the Social: Stereotypes, Folk Psychology and Metonymy in Mainstream Film. In: Screening Characters. Routledge, London. (In Press)


Scanlon, Peter H (2017) The English National Screening Programme for diabetic retinopathy 2003–2016. Acta Diabetologica. ISSN 0940-5429 (In Press)

Scott, Sam (2017) Labour Exploitation and Work-based Harm. Studies in Social Harm . Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 9781447322030 (In Press)

Shields, Robin and Masardo, Alex (2017) False Equivalence? Differences in the Post-16 Qualifications Market and Outcomes in Higher Education. Educational Review. ISSN 0013-1911

Stoner, Lee and Credeur, Daniel and Fryer, Simon M and Faulkner, James and Lambrick, Danielle and Gibbs, Bethany Barone (2017) Reliability of pulse waveform separation analysis: effects of posture and fasting. Journal of Hypertension, 35 (3). pp. 501-505. ISSN 0263-6352


Turner, Susan (2017) Endnote Referencing Software: Importing references from an Ebsco database, attaching full text, organising your Endnote library. [Teaching Resource]

Turner, Susan (2017) Endnote Referencing Software: Using your Endnote Library. [Teaching Resource]


Vare, Paul and Scott, Bill (2017) The world we'll leave behind. Greenleaf, Saltaire. (In Press)


Woolway, Eleanor E. and Goodenough, Anne E (2017) Effects of visitor numbers on captive European red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris ) and impacts on visitor experience. Zoo Biology. pp. 1-8. ISSN 0733-3188 (In Press)

Wynn, Martin G and Jones, Peter (2017) Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and the Entrepreneurial University. Industry and Higher Education. ISSN 0950-4222 (In Press)

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