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Andrejevic-Bullock, Senja (2015) HALF. Lampeter Review: Journal of the Lampeter Creative Writing Centre (12). pp. 95-103. ISSN 2054-8257


Bakir, Vian and Cable, Jonathan and Dencik, Lina and Hintz, Arne and McStay, Andrew (2015) Public Feeling on Privacy, Security and Surveillance. Project Report. DATA‐PSST and DCSS.

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) “Four Lost Souls”: Crisis and Crime in Neville Thompson’s Writing. In: 2015 Annual British Association for Irish Studies Conference. Ireland: Agents of Social Transformation, 4th September – 5th September 2015, St Mary's University Twickenham, London. (Unpublished)

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) Haunting the Text: Nicola Pierce’s Spirit of the Titanic and Irish Historical Children’s Fiction. Women's Studies: An Inter-disciplinary Journal, 44 (7). pp. 956-976. ISSN 0049-7878

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) “I stand out like a raven”: Female Detection and the Tudor Period in Nancy Bilyeau’s Crime Fiction. In: Representing the Tudors: An Interdisciplinary Conference, 10-11 July 2015, University of South Wales. (Unpublished)

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) “My Mama Had a Story”: Mothers and Intergenerational Relations in Andrea Levy’s Fiction. In: Reading/Speaking/Writing the Mother Text: Essays on Caribbean Women's Writing. Demeter Press, Toronto, pp. 121-142. ISBN 978-1-926452-70-8

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) P.D.James. In: Dictionary of Literary Biography: 21st Century British Writers. Cengage Gale, Farmington, MI, pp. 105-116. ISBN 9780787696528

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) "A Partial Autobiography and a Defence": PD James’ Life Writing. In: Writing Women's Lives, 25-16 April 2015, Bath Spa University. (Unpublished)

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) Performing Scottish Crime: Ian Rankin's Dark Road. Mystery Readers Journal, 31 (3). pp. 3-4. ISSN 1034-3473

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) “A Pimple of So-Called Civilisation”: Annie Cossins’ Australian True Crime Story of Convicts and Baby-Farmers. In: Captivating Criminality: Crime Fiction, Traditions and Transgressions, 25-27 June 2015, Bath Spa University. (Unpublished)

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) Sarah Waters. In: Dictionary of Literary Biography: 21st Century British Writers. Cengage Gale, pp. 336-343. ISBN 9780787696528

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) “She Decided to Kill Her Husband”: Housewives in Contemporary American Fictions of Crime. In: Violence in American Popular Culture. Praeger / ABC CLIO, Westport, pp. 71-94. ISBN 978-1-4408-3205-5

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) Sherlock Holmes Reimagined: An Exploration of Selected Short Stories from A Study in Sherlock: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon. Oscholars, N/A (N/A). pp. 1-20. ISSN 2045-0753

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather; Ann Moseley and Kari A. Ronning. Modern Language Review, 110 (2). pp. 536-537. ISSN 0026-7937

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) ”This Really Isn’t a Job For a Girl to Take on Alone”: Reappraising Feminism and Genre Fiction in Sara Paretsky’s Crime Novel Indemnity Only. In: This Book is an Action: Feminist Print Culture and Activist Aesthetics. University of Illinois Press, Baltimore, pp. 226-244. ISBN 978-0-252-08134-7

Beyer, Charlotte (2015) True Crime and Baby Farming: Representing Amelia Dyer. Human, 5. pp. 101-117. ISSN 2232-9935

Bick, Andrew M (2015) Conversation. [Show/Exhibition]

Bick, Andrew M (2015) Structures / Strukturen British and German Painting in Dialogue. [Show/Exhibition]

Bick, Andrew M (2015) The Substance of Gloup. INDEX|press, 150 (4). pp. 23-30.

Billingham, Richard (2015) Ray. [Show/Exhibition]

Billingham, Richard (2015) Saft Lol. In: Flash 500. Akerman Daly, London. ISBN 978 0 9930181 2 1

Billingham, Richard and Bowden, Sarah (2015) Revisiting History. In: Revisiting History, 28 October 2015, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham.

Billington, Freya (2015) NOT WAVING. [Video]

Bradshaw, Tom (2015) Why 2015 is gearing up to be the year of censorship. Conversation.

Braña-Straw, Michelle C (2015) Language Change in a Post-Creole, British Contact Setting: Non-Standard Ain’t Negation. In: Ain'thology: The History and Life of a Taboo Word. Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pp. 227-248. ISBN 978-1443874502


Cable, Jonathan (2015) Hierarchies of Incredibility: The impact of different repertoires of protest on message propagation and press coverage. Journalism and Discourse Studies, 1 (1). ISSN 2056-3191

Cox, Rachael (2015) A Shoebox of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf: building feminist discourse on the foundations of modernist architecture in Hampstead. In: Literary London Society Annual Conference - London in Love, 22-­24 July 2015, Senate House, London. (Unpublished)


Dawson, Anne (2015) Are the Young Informed Enough to Vote? In: MeCCSA 2015, January 7th 2015, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

Dolan, Josephine (2015) Crumbling Rejuvenation: Archetype, embodiment and the “Aging Beauty Myth”. In: The Happiness Illusion: How the Media Sold Us a Fairytale. Routledge, London & New York, pp. 75-88. ISBN 9780415728706


Esler, Philip F (2015) Intergroup Conflict and Matthew 23: Towards Responsible Historical Interpretation of a Challenging Text. Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture, 45 (1). 38 -59. ISSN 0146-1079

Esler, Philip F (2015) Pacino di Bonaguida's Tree of Life: Interpreting the Bible in Paint in Early Fourteenth-Century Italy. In: Biblical Reception. Sheffield Phoenix Press, Sheffield, pp. 1-29. ISBN 978-1-909697-85-0

Esler, Philip F (2015) The World of Jesus and the Early Church: Identity and Interpretation in Early Communities of Faith. Journal of Theological Studies, 66 (1). pp. 359-362. ISSN 0022-5185


Fox, Mervyn and Wright, Jonathan and Griffiths, Jason (2015) Mervyn Fox. [Audio]

France, Angela (2015) Hide: A 21st century woman’s response to the first person in poetry. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

France, Angela (2015) Nadder Speaks. Butcher's Dog (6).

France, Angela (2015) ‘Silverbacks at the Bar’ and ‘Pareschatology’. In: Salt on the Wind: Poetry in Response to Ruth Stone. Elephant's Footprint, North Somerset, 37 and-54. ISBN 978-0-9930515-2-4


Gallagher, Eithne and Walker, Miranda (2015) The Glitterlings: Teacher Resource Book. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198355731

Gallagher, Eithne and Walker, Miranda (2015) Oxford International Early Years: The Glitterlings: Activity Book. Oxford Univeristy Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198355748

Gardner, Abigail S (2015) En’shrine’d – ushering Fela Kuti into the western ‘rock’ canon. In: Death and the Rock Star. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 135-148. ISBN 978-1-4724-3091-5

Gardner, Abigail S (2015) Letting England Shake: PJ Harvey and Englishness. In: Englishness Rising, 6th January 2015, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Gardner, Abigail S (2015) PJ Harvey and Music Video Performance. Ashgate Popular and Folk Music . Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey. ISBN 978-1-4724-2418-1

Gardner, Abigail S (2015) The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen. Ashgate.

Gardner, Abigail S (2015) Review: Performing Englishness: Identity and Politics in a Contemporary Folk Resurgence. By Trish Winter and Simon Keegan-Phipps. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013. x +185 pp. ISBN 978-0-719-08539-0Nick Drake Dreaming England. By Nathan Wiseman-Trowse. London: Reaktion, 2013. 165 pp. ISBN 978-1-780-23176-1. Popular Music, 34 (01). pp. 145-147. ISSN 0261-1430

Gardner, Abigail S (2015) WAM. Let’s Dance! – an intergenerational music mapping project. In: MeCCSA 2015, January 7th 2015, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

Gardner, Abigail S and Grist, Hannah and Jennings, Ros (2015) Editorial. Postgraduate Journal of Women, Ageing and Media (2). ISSN 2055-737X

Griffiths, Jason (2015) #DP80. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Griffiths, Jason and Brooks, Gordon (2015) Gordon Brooks: freeminer. [Audio] (Unpublished)

Griffiths, Jason and Garde-Hansen, Joanne and Grist, Hannah (2015) A Beast with Two back! [Show/Exhibition]

Griffiths, Robin M (2015) Putting the Sex into Subtext: Reflections on Twenty Years of Queer Screen Pedagogy. In: The Coming of Age of LGBTQ Studies: Past, Present and Future Directions International Conference, 17th-18th April 2015, San Diego State University, California, USA. (Unpublished)


Harper, Sharon P (2015) Photography Theory Moving Forward. In: MeCCSA 2015: Generations, 7-9 January 2015, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

Harper, Sharon P (2015) The World’s Most Amazing 100% Awesome Photography Theory. In: 21 Century Photography: Art, Philosophy, Technique, 5-6 June 2015, Central Saint Martins. (Unpublished)

Hewis, Mark S (2015) Animotion. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, John D (2015) Hardy's Music in a Snowy Street: Metrical Reading of the Opening Stanzas. Explicator, 73 (2). pp. 92-96. ISSN 0014-4940

Hughes, John D (2015) ‘Metre and Mourning: Thomas Hardy’s “The Going” and Poems of 1912-13. Hardy Review, XVII (i). pp. 19-34. ISSN 1934-8908

Hughes, John D (2015) Towards a Reading of Wordsworth’s ‘Now ye meet in the cave’. Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net. ISSN 1916-1441 (In Press)


Ilic, Melanie J (2015) Contesting Inequality: Khrushchev and the Revival of the “Woman Question”. In: De-Stalinization Reconsidered: Persistence and Change in the Soviet Union. Campus Verlag, Frankfurt, pp. 177-192. ISBN 9783593501666

Ilic, Melanie J (2015) Female Voices of Post-War Forced Displacement Karolina Koziura and Olena Lytovka, with Melanie Ilic. In: The Soviet Past in the Post-Socialist Present: Methodology and Ethics in Russian, Baltic and Central European Oral History and Memory Studies. Routledge Approaches to History . Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 217-232. ISBN 9781138933453

Ilic, Melanie J (2015) Introduction: From Interview to Life Story: Methodology and Ethics in Oral History. In: The Soviet Past in the Post-Socialist Present: Methodology and Ethics in Russian, Baltic and Central European Oral History and Memory Studies. Routledge Approaches to History . Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 3-11. ISBN 9781138933453

Ilic, Melanie J and Leinarte, Dalia (2015) The Soviet Past in the Post-Socialist Present: Methodology and Ethics in Russian, Baltic and Central European Oral History and Memory Studies. Routledge Approaches to History, 14 . Taylor & Francis, London. ISBN 9781138933453

Innes, Paul (2015) Shakespeare's Roman Plays. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 978-1137025913

Innes, Paul (2015) Some of the most important events in Shakespeare do not happen. English, 64 (247). pp. 254-267. ISSN 0013-8215


Jennings, Ros (2015) Popular Music and Ageing. In: Routledge Handbook of Cultural Gerontology. Routledge International Handbooks . Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon. ISBN 978-0415631143

Jennings, Ros and Krainitzki, Eva L (2015) Call the celebrity: Voicing the experience of women and ageing through the distinctive vocal presence of Vanessa Redgrave. In: Women, Celebrity and Cultures of Ageing: Freeze Frame. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 178-196. ISBN 9781137495112

Johnstone, D D (2015) The Secret Baby Room. Barbican Press, London. ISBN 978-1909954182


Keevil, Tyler (2015) Defamiliarised. HARTS and Minds: Journal of the Humanities and Arts, 2 (3). pp. 2-8.

Keevil, Tyler (2015) Fabrications. In: A Fiction Map of Wales. H'mm Foundation, Swansea. ISBN 9780992756062 (0992756065)

Keevil, Tyler (2015) Going Virtual or Keeping it Real? Writing in Education (67). pp. 52-57. ISSN 1361-8539

Keevil, Tyler (2015) It's In You To Give. On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic (99). ISSN 0843-476X

Keevil, Tyler (2015) Night Start. In: New Welsh Short Stories. Seren Books, Bridgen, pp. 7-19. ISBN 978-1-78172-234-3

Keevil, Tyler (2015) Samhain. Black Static (44). pp. 46-59. ISSN 1753-0709

Krainitzki, Eva L (2015) Ghosted Images: Old Lesbians on Screen. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 19 (1). pp. 13-26. ISSN 1089-4160

Krainitzki, Eva L (2015) Unsettling heteronormativity: Abject ageing bodies and transgressive desire in 'Notes on a Scandal'. In: NANAS: Aging and Age Studies: Foundations and Formations, May 19 - 22, 2015, Miami University, Oxford Ohio. (Unpublished)

Krainitzki, Eva L (2015) “You’ve got time”: Ageing and queer (spacio)temporality in Orange is the New Black. In: Serializing Age. Ageing and Old Age in TV Series . Transcript Verlag, pp. 207-230. ISBN 978-3-8376-3276-7


Large, William (2015) Levinas’s "totality and infinity". Reader’s guides . Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9781472529954

Large, William and Iyer, Lars (2015) Remembering the impossible possibility: Kierkegaard and human capital. Journal for Cultural Research, 19 (4). pp. 407-420. ISSN 1479-7585

Leighton, Neil (2015) Strategic Engagement with the Media Industry. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

Li, Qiao and Jennings, Ros (2015) Contested identities: exploring the cultural, historical and political complexities of the ‘three Chinas’. IAFOR Journal of Asian Studies, 2 (1). ISSN 2187-6037

Lovett, Matthew (2015) Company of Trees. [Composition]

Lovett, Matthew (2015) Company of Trees. [Show/Exhibition]


McConville, J Gordon (2015) Figures in Isaiah 7:14. In: Conception, Reception and the Spirit. Cascade Books, Eugene, OR, pp. 3-18. ISBN 978-1-62032-746-3

McConville, J Gordon (2015) Retribution in Deuteronomy: Theology and Ethics. Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology, 69 (3). pp. 288-298. ISSN 0020-9643

McLoughlin, Nigel F (2015) 'Eels' and ‘Event Horizon 4, 9, 13 and 20’. Poetry Review, 9. ISSN 0032-2156

McLoughlin, Nigel F (2015) Interpretation, Affordance and Realised Intention: the transaction(s) between reader and writer. In: Creative Writing and Education. Multilingual Matters, Clevedon, pp. 107-119. ISBN 978-1783093526

Middleton, Rowan (2015) Pine. Cordite (52).

Murray, Matthew (2015) Matthew Murray finalist in the Association of Photographers Awards 2015 - Series and Single Image Category. [Show/Exhibition]

Murray, Matthew (2015) Matthew Murray: Pleasure In Leisure. Lenscratch.

Murray, Matthew (2015) Pleasure In Leisure. Other. Cafe Royal Books, United Kingdom.

Murray, Matthew (2015) Under The Influence: 2 Tone Ska. [Video]


O'Connell, Christian (2015) Blues, How Do You Do? Paul Oliver and the Transatlantic Story of the Blues. University of Michigan Press, Michigan USA. ISBN 9780472052677

O'Connell, Christian (2015) Book review: Amy Absher , The Black Musician & the White City: Race and Music in Chicago, 1900–1967 (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2014, $45.00). Pp. 216. ISBN 978 0 4721 1917 2. Journal of American Studies, 49 (4).


Peck, Julia (2015) Photography’s Time Lag: Challenging the Pastness and Passivity in the Representation of Climate Change and Other Environmental Disasters. In: Bridging Divides: Spaces of Scholarship and Practice in Environmental Communication The Conference on Communication and Environment, 11-14 June 2015, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Pitkänen, Pekka M A (2015) Ancient Israel and Philistia: Settler Colonialism and Ethnocultural Interaction. Ugarit Forschungen, 45. pp. 233-263. ISSN 978-3-86835-137-8

Pitkänen, Pekka M A (2015) Reading Genesis–Joshua as a Unified Document from an Early Date: A Settler Colonial Perspective. Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture, 45 (1). pp. 3-31. ISSN 0146-1079

Pratt, Katie (2015) Autocatalytic Future Games. [Show/Exhibition]

Pratt, Katie (2015) Ningoon. [Artefact]

Pratt, Katie and Bick, Andrew M (2015) The Human Abstract One day symposium at the University of Gloucestershire 3/6/2015. In: The Human Abstract, 3/6/2015, Francis Close Hall University of Gloucestershire. (Unpublished)

Pratt, Katie and Blannin, Katrina (2015) Summer Mix. [Show/Exhibition]

Pratt, Katie and Wright, Mark and Mackenzie, Stuart (2015) Surface to Air. [Show/Exhibition]

Pride, Nick (2015) Research activity summary November 2015. Nick Pride. [Artefact]

Pryor, Angus (2015) Still Small Voice. [Show/Exhibition]


Raphael, Melissa R (2015) Antidotes to Captivation and Spell-Bound Forgetting: The Counter-Idolatrous Figure of the Human in Modern Jewish Theology and Art. In: Ethics of In-Visibility. Imago Dei, Memory, and Human Dignity in Jewish and Christian Thought. Religion in Philosophy and Theology, 77 (289). Mohr-Siebeck, Tübingen, pp. 101-117. ISBN 978-3-16-153810-0

Raphael, Melissa R (2015) Idoloclasm: The First Task of Second Wave Liberal Jewish Feminism. Melilah: Journal of Jewish Studies, 12. pp. 110-121. ISSN 1759-1953

Romao, Tico J (2015) 'Film, Ideology, and Social Cognition: The Unfinished Project'. In: SCSMI Conference, 17 - 20 June 2015, London. (Unpublished)

Rowan, Middleton (2015) The East Wing. Ink Sweat and Tears.


Scott, Grant (2015) The Essential Student Guide to Professional Photography. Focal Press - Routledge. ISBN 978-1138805323

Scott, Grant (2015) What is Professional Photography? In: The Essential Student Guide to Professional Photography. Focal Press - Routledge, pp. 2-15. ISBN 978-1138805323

Stibbe, Arran (2015) Ecolinguistic Discourse Analysis. In: The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction. Wiley, pp. 1-5.

Stibbe, Arran (2015) Ecolinguistics: Language, Ecology and the Stories We Live By. Routledge, London. ISBN 978-0415837811

Stibbe, Arran (2015) Issa and the Meaning of Animals: A Buddhist Poet's Perspective. Anthrozoös, 28 (3). pp. 517-518. ISSN 0892-7936

Swift, Elizabeth (2015) What Do Audiences Do and How Can Computers Help us to Understand Spectating as ‘Doing’? In: Theatre and Spectatorship. Annual Contemporary Drama in English Conference., May 15-17 2015, Barcelona..


Walker, Miranda (2015) Bandstand Park. N/A. (Unpublished)

Walker, Miranda (2015) Colin's Legend. N/A. (Unpublished)

Walker, Miranda (2015) Learning & Development: Theatre - Going live. Nursery World.

Walker, Miranda (2015) Satirical Song Parodies - It's My Party & All About That Bass. N/A. (Unpublished)

Walker, Miranda (2015) Suffragettes. N/A. (Unpublished)

Webster, David R (2015) Audio/Grid Feedback: finding the right blend. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

Webster, David R (2015) Electronic Dance Music, Neo-Liberalism and Philosophy. [Teaching Resource]

Webster, David R (2015) In Cordoba with Dr Roy Jackson. [Teaching Resource]

Webster, David R (2015) Resilience and Melancholy. [Teaching Resource]

Weeks, Hilary (2015) Book review: Joseph De Sapio. Modernity and Meaning in Victorian London: Tourist Views of the Imperial Capital. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Pp. 204. £55.00 (cloth). Journal of British Studies, 54 (03). pp. 768-770. ISSN 0021-9371


Zinder, Paul (2015) Failed Patriarchs. In: Justified and Philosophy; Shoot First, Think Later. Popular Culture and Philosophy, 88 . Open Court Publishing Co ,U.S. ISBN 978-0812698763

Zinder, Paul (2015) “My Father’s Son: Patriarchal Deconstruction in Justified.”. In: National Conference Popular Culture Association American Culture Association, 1 - 4 April 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Zinder, Paul (2015) Signwriter. [Video]

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