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Abdulrahim, Abdulslam (2011) The Path to HRD: An Investigation of Training and Development Practices in the Libyan Manufacturing Sector in 21st Century. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Abdussalam, Zainab and Ryan, Bob (2011) Religion and cultural dimensions of trust in the emerging financial market in Libya. International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance, 2 (3/4). p. 208. ISSN 1753-1969

Abusafrita, Fthia Ramdan M (2011) The Rate of Adoption of Formalised Strategic Marketing Planning (FSMP) by the Libyan Commercial Banks (LCBs): An Exploratory Study. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Abuzaid, Lotfi Elhadi Mohamed (2011) External debt, economic growth and investment in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Agbara, Abdelmeneim Hassan (2011) An Investigation into Audit Quality in Libya. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Ahmed, Zainab Abdussalam (2011) The Barriers to Effective Marketization of Corporate Equity in Libya. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Al-Najjar, B and Hussainey, Khaled (2011) Revisiting the capital structure puzzle: UK evidence. Journal of Risk Finance, 12 (4 SRC). pp. 329-338. ISSN 1526-5943

Alabani, Hanan M (2011) An exploration of leadership from the perspectives and experiences of Libyan female leaders in senior positions. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Algeru, Osama Ibrahim Al-Muktoof (2011) Perceptions and evalutations of internal audit function in Libyan oil and gas companies. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Ali, Abubaker Ali (2011) An Empirical Examination of Conditional Four-Moment CAPM and APT Pre-Specified Macroeconomic Variables with Market Liquidity in Arab Stocks Markets. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Altintas, M H, Vrontis, Demetris and Kaufmann, R (2011) Internationalization, Market Forces and Domestic Sectoral Institutionalization. European Business Review, 23 SRC (2). pp. 215-235. ISSN 0955-534X

Amara, Salem Mohamed Omar (2011) Performance Auditing in the Libyan Public Sector. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


Baines, Paul and Harris, Phil (2011) Marketing in the 2010 British General Election-Perspectives, Prospect and Practice. Journal of Marketing Management, 272 SR (7/8). pp. 647-655. ISSN 0267-257X

Ben, Othman Hakim, Hussainey, Khaled and Moumen, Nejia (2011) Share price anticipation of future earnings in the presence of financial leverage, proprietary cost and institutional ownership: Evidence from MENA emerging markets. International Journal of Global Management Studies Professional, 3 (1). pp. 1-22.

Ben Issa, Fouzi Rajab (2011) Obstacles to Foreign Direct Investment in the Libyan Hotel Sector: A Case Study of the Corinthia Company. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Bengoa Sanchez, D, Kaufmann, H R and Vrontis, Demetris (2011) A New Organisational Memory for Cross-Cultural Knowledge Management. Journal of Cross Cultural Management. ISSN 1352-7606

Benson, A and Han, Liang (2011) Experiential Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure. Internationalof Behavioural Accounting and Finance, 2 (1). pp. 21-39. ISSN 1753-1969

Bieber, Caroline, Mitschele, Andreas and Martin, Schmid (2011) Optimierung des Gesamtbankrisikoberichts-Adressatengerechtes und MaRisk-konformes Reporting. Betriebswirtschaftliche Blätter, 5. pp. 260-263.

Brook, Paul (2011) Book Review:Barbara Sieben and Åsa Wettergren (Eds), Emotionalizing Organizations and Organizing Emotions. Work, Employment and Society, 25 (4). pp. 824-826.


Chen, Xuezhong, Jiang, Linlin and Wang, Chengbo (2011) Business Process Analysis and Implementation Strategies of Greening Logistics in Appliances Retail Industry. Energy Procedia, 5. pp. 332-336.


Elmabrouk, Elmabrouk A. Ambarik (2011) Quality of Banking Services in Libyan Banks. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Elseraiti, Alhussien Ramadan (2011) Earnings Management in the Libyan Corporations. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Eltaweel, Mukhtar E. (2011) Financing of Small Businesses in the Libyan Economic Environment. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


Gtansh, Abdussalam (2011) The Influence of National and Organizational Culture on Employee Involvement and Participation (EIP): A Cross-cultural Study. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


Hartland, Trevor, Damkjaer, Britt, Miller, Christopher and Thomas, Brychan C (2011) Small to Medium Enterprises in the Danish conference sector and a 360 degree approach to managing customer relationships. Journal of Euromarketing, 20 (1&2). pp. 35-48. ISSN 1049-6483

Hawkins, Rebecca and Bohdanowicz, Paulina (2011) Responsible hospitality: theory and practice. Goodfellow, Oxford. ISBN 9781906884192

Hussainey, Khaled and Al-Najjar, Basil (2011) Future-oriented information: determinants and use. Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 12 (2). pp. 123-138.

Hussainey, Khaled, Elsayed, Mohamed and Abdel Razik, Marwa (2011) Factors affecting corporate social responsibility in Egypt. Corporate Ownership and Control, 8 (4). pp. 432-443.

Hussainey, Khaled, Mgbame, C O and Chijoke-Mgbame, A M (2011) Dividend policy and share price volatility: UK evidence. Journal of Risk Finance, 12 (1). pp. 57-68.


Jonsson, Patrik, Schiele, Holger, Horn, Philipp and Vos, Bart (2011) Estimating cost‐saving potential from international sourcing and other sourcing levers. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 41 (3). pp. 315-336. ISSN 0960-0035

Jörg, Höhling, Liess, Dierk, Mitschele, Andreas and Morzeck, Christoph (2011) Unvereinbare Welten? Zinsbuchsteuerung und Rechnungslegung. Die Bank, 11. pp. 48-52.


Lentz, Patrick, Singh, Jagdip and Nijssen, Edwin J (2011) First and Second Order Effects of Consumers’ Institutional Logics on Firm-Consumer Relationships: Comparative Analysis. Journal of International Business Studies, 42 (2). pp. 307-333.

Lewis, Anthony, Thomas, Brychan C and Williams, K (2011) A Literature Review of Stress Management. International Journal of Professional Management, 5 (3). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2042-2341

Liu, Jonathan and Wilson, Jonathan A (2011) The impact of Culture and Religion on Leadership and Management Training: A Comparison of Three Continents. Journal Pengurusan, 33. pp. 29-36.


Marinov, Marin and Marinova, Svetla (2011) Internationalization of Emerging Economies and Firms. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-0230348332

Marinova, Svetla, Child, John and Marinov, Marin (2011) Evolution of firm-and country-specific advantages and disadvantages in the process of Chinese firm internationalization. In: Dynamics of Globalization: Location-Specific Advantages or Liabilities of Foreignness? Advances in International Management, 24 . Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, United Kingdom, pp. 235-269. ISBN 978-0-85724-991-3


Noroozi, Omid, Biemans, Harm J, Busstra, Maria C., Mulder, Martin and Chizari, Mohammad (2011) Differences in learning processes between successful and less successful students in computer-supported collaborative learning in the field of human nutrition and health. Computers in Human Behavior, 27 (1). pp. 309-318. ISSN 07475632


Powell, Lisa, Thomas, Simon and Thomas, Brychan C (2011) Innovation and heritage entrepreneurship development in the South Wales Valleys. Annals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2 (1). ISSN 2000-7396

Purcell, Christina, Brook, Paul and Lucas, Rosemary (2011) Between keeping your head down and trying to get noticed: agency workers in French car assembly plants. Management Revue: The International Review of Management Studies, 22 (2). pp. 169-187.


Raj, Razaq and Rashid, Tahir (2011) Visitors experience of travel to the City of Heaven (Madinah). International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 7 (1). p. 3. ISSN 1753-3627

Ramsey, Elaine, Pickernell, David, Packham, Gary, Jones, Paul, Miller, Christopher and Thomas, Brychan C (2011) Graduate entrepreneurs are different: they access more resources? International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, 17 (2). pp. 183-202. ISSN 1355-2554


Sarpong, David (2011) Towards a methodological approach: theorising scenario thinking as a social practice. Foresight, 13 (2). pp. 4-17. ISSN 1463-6689

Sarpong, David and Maclean, Mairi (2011) Scenario thinking: A practice-based approach for the identification of opportunities for innovation. Futures, 43 (10). pp. 1154-1163. ISSN 00163287

Schiele, Holger and Krummaker, Stefan (2011) Consortium benchmarking: Collaborative academic–practitioner case study research. Journal of Business Research, 64 (10). pp. 1137-1145. ISSN 01482963

Schiele, Holger, Veldman, Jasper and Hüttinger, Lisa (2011) Supplier Innovativeness and Supplier Pricing; The Role of Preferred Customer Status. International Journal of Innovation Management, 15 (01). pp. 1-27. ISSN 1363-9196

Shaikh, Siraj A ORCID: 0000-0002-0726-3319 (2011) Educational Attainment and Career Progression for British Muslim Women: Some Challenges and Opportunities. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 31 (1). pp. 49-57. ISSN 1360-2004

Sharkasi, Omar (2011) The Impact of Investment in Accounting Information Systems on Business Performance: The Case of the Libyan Commercial Banks. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Singh, Satyendra, Vrontis, Demetris and Thrassou, Alkis (2011) Green Marketing and Consumer Behavior: The Case of Gasoline Products. Journal of Transnational Management, 16 (2). pp. 84-106. ISSN 1547-5778

Sturing, Lidwien, Biemans, Harm J, Mulder, Martin and de Bruijn, Elly (2011) The Nature of Study Programmes in Vocational Education: Evaluation of the Model for Comprehensive Competence-Based Vocational Education in the Netherlands. Vocations and Learning, 4 (3). pp. 191-210. ISSN 1874-785X

Suod, Rehab Mohamed Ben (2011) A Study of Motives and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Key Sectors of Libyan Economy. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.


Tawiri, Naser (2011) Determinants of Domestic Investment in the Libyan Manufacturing Sector and its Impact. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

Topolansky Barbe, Frederico (2011) Uruguayan lessons. A fascinating insight into how a developing South American farm economy is grappling with market developments. Farmers Club Journal (234). 08-09.

Tsoukatos, Evangelos, Thrassou, Alkis, Vrontis, Demetris and Kotabe, Masaaki (2011) Towards a marketing communications model for small political parties. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 18 (3). pp. 263-292. ISSN 1352-7606

Tziner, Aharon, Kaufman, H Rudi, Vasiliu, Chritinel and Tordera, Nuria (2011) Organizational Perceptions, Leadership, Performance and Organizational Citizenship Among Older Employees in Work Settings: Can They Interelate? Organisation and Markets: Personnel Management e-Journal, 27 (3). ISSN 1576-5962


Vrontis, Demetris and Thrassou, Alkis (2011) The Renaissance of Commandaria-A Strategic Branding Prescriptive Analysis. Journal for Global Business Advancement, 4 (4). pp. 302-316.

Vrontis, Demetris, Thrassou, Alkis and Czinkota, Michael R (2011) Wine marketing: A framework for consumer-centred planning. Journal of Brand Management, 18 (4-5). pp. 245-263. ISSN 1350-231X

Vrontis, Demetris, Thrassou, Alkis and Rossi, Matteo (2011) Italian wine firms: strategic branding and financial performance. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 19 (4). pp. 288-304. ISSN 1934-8835


Wallace, Mike, Deem, Rosemary, O'Reilly, Dermot and Tomlinson, Michael (2011) Developing Leadership Capacity in English Secondary Schools and Universities: Global Positioning and Local Mediation. British Journal of Educational Studies, 59 (1). pp. 21-40. ISSN 0007-1005

Wallace, Mike, O'Reilly, Dermot, Morris, Jonathan and Deem, Rosemary (2011) Public Service Leaders as ‘Change Agents’ – for Whom? Public Management Review, 13 (1). pp. 65-93. ISSN 1471-9037

Wang, Chengbo, Yang, Tong, Mao, Zhaofang, Zhang, Lixin, Vaughan, John and Mercer, John (2011) An Empirical Exploration of Hospital Service Quality Assessment Criteria in China. Journal of General Management, 37 (2). pp. 51-68.

Wilson, Jonathan A (2011) The Legacy of Islamic Persia and Refining Public Relations processes. Iranian National Public Relations Day Commemorative Journal.

Wilson, Jonathan A (2011) New-school brand creation and creativity – Lessons from Hip Hop and the global branded generation. Journal of Brand Management, 19 (2). pp. 91-111. ISSN 1350-231X

Wilson, Jonathan A (2011) Refining Islamic Scholarship-through harmonizing with postmodern social sciences. Ulum Islamiyyah Journal, 7. 3-10SRC.

Wilson, Jonathan A and Liu, Jonathan (2011) The challenges of Islamic branding: navigating emotions andhalal. Journal of Islamic Marketing, 2 (1). pp. 28-42. ISSN 1759-0833

Wilson, Jonathan A and Morgan, Joseph E (2011) Friends or Freeloaders? Encouraging Brand Conscience and introducing the concept of emotion-based consumer loss mitigation. Journal of Brand Management, 18 (9). pp. 659-676.

Woisetschläger, David M, Lentz, Patrick and Evanschitzky, Heiner (2011) How Habits, Social Ties and Economic Switching Barriers Affect Customer Loyalty in Contractual Service Settings. Journal of Business Research, 64 (8). pp. 800-808.


Yahia, Salem Ahmed Mohamed (2011) Service Quality in the Context of the Egyptian Islamic Banking Industry. PhD thesis, University of Gloucestershire.

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